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K.P.Team company is also engaged in the management of non-hazardous waste with a focus on recycling PVC waste.

Purchase and removal of PVC waste

What exactly is PVC?

PVC, in other words polyvinyl chloride, is a strong and light material used in construction. To make PVC softer and more flexible, plasticizers are added in the manufacturing process. Unless plasticizers are added, it is PVC (unsoftened polyvinyl chloride), which is more stable and stronger and is mainly used in the production of plastic window and door profiles.

Recycling of hardened PVC


PVC scrap is the most ecological and cheapest input material for the further production of various PVC/PVC products.
The advantage of using PVC crumb is a wide range of fractions in different colors (white, mix color, gray).
We process crushed stone exactly according to the requirements of a specific client.
During the production of PVC scrap a minimum of waste is generated, which is why they are very environmentally friendly.

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