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Powder coating

Powder coating

Surface finishing by powder coating is a technology in which a powder coating material is applied by spraying in an electrostatic field. The spray-coated parts are then fired in an oven at a temperature of about 200 ˚C, which leads to melting of the paint coating and producing a uniform layer.

Excellent anti-corrosion properties and a large selection of colours everyone will choose from make this technology the most demanded one among our customers. This coating is suitable for all types of metal materials - aluminium and steel. Items treated using this method most often include window and door frames, as well as a large functional interior and exterior objects such as railings, fences, gates, summer houses, furniture, flower pots, mail boxes, candlesticks, heater bodies, and so on. 

Surely you have seen a car with pink wheels, or a hipster on a fancy bike. These are precisely the examples of powder coating applications as a way of non-traditional care of "health" of their four-legged steeds or bicycles. With special "antique" shades we can create the effect of "antiquity" on new items or return the shine to old ones. The added value of spraying is therefore the overall look after the paint coat application and a choice of glossy, matt, pearly surface, or different textures.

RAL chart's basic colours

Maximum dimensions of parts for powder coating::

Width 1 600 mm
Height 2 000 mm
Lenght 4 000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1 100 mm
Lenght 6 500 mm

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